Traveling to Autism Friendly Places – Enjoy Your Vacations With Your ASD Child

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It would be really great if you could go with your ASD child on a holiday, to a place that is designed for handling autism issues, has facilities to ensure comfort and caters to your child’s special needs. Autism friendly locations must have an environment that makes your child feel safe and free from excess stimulus. As parents, you may prefer places that are ordinary, less crowded and provide special deals for people with autism.

Disney World, Florida – This is one amusement theme resort that is reputed for being very autism-friendly. You can have a great time enjoying the rides with your child without having to wait at long queues outside each ride, if you procure a medical certificate from your doctor attesting your child’s disorder and submitting it at the ticket counter. You will be provided with a “Guest Assistance Pass” which will let you bypass the queues and sit on the rides right away. Carry a copy of the “Walt Disney World Official Guide for Kids” which has detailed information about the rides, its noise levels, duration of each ride and the darkness too. You will also need to call ahead and make advance reservations in the restaurants to save time spent on waiting for a free table.

SeaWorld in Florida, Orlando, California, San Antonio, San Diego and Texas – It is a chain of marine mammal parks, Oceanariums and animal theme parks with similar autism friendly programs as Disney World.
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