The Traveling Freelance Writer: How to Create a Productive Morning in Paradise

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Due to the nature of the freelance writing business, a savvy writer can enjoy complete freedom of location. Since writing requires no strings remain attached, they can work from anywhere in the world as long as they have a reliable laptop and an internet connection. Of course, what a writer chooses to do with this freedom depends on their personal goals.

Some people, for instance, just want to cut the cord between them and the boss, allowing them to stay home with their families (without making income sacrifices) and choose their own hours. Certainly a dream worth fulfilling.

For me, a young (somewhat) bachelor – and perhaps you as well – freedom means something else entirely.

To me, freedom means stuffing my laptop into a backpack with a choice few items of clothing and heading off in search of adventure. It means spending my days scuba diving in the tropics or touring foreign coasts on motorbikes – learning new languages and eating bizarre foods on a daily basis.
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