Luxury Conversion Vans and the Modern Traveling Salesman

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Traveling salesmen are nothing new. They have been around since the beginning of mankind. It probably started with a wanderer selling a sharpened piece of rock for some food. There have been all kinds of incarnations, from the spice traders who crossed great expanses of desert to sell their wares to the traveling snake oil salesmen of the 19th Century. Following in the footsteps of many great traveling salesmen is the modern version, the mobile sales center. An interesting concept that is an ideal fit to a non-stop society, the mobile store has been around literally for ages. Today’s wandering salesmen have taken the concept to another level by introducing luxury not seen before.

A luxury conversion van is the first step for the soon-to-be mobile sales center. The van is then fitted with some very comfortable seats set around a large screen television. The custom van conversion team will add in a refrigerator for refreshments, individual air conditioning and heating, headphones, a high-end sound system and just about anything else needed for a sales presentation.

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