The Traveling Freelance Writer: How to Create a Productive Morning in Paradise

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Due to the nature of the freelance writing business, a savvy writer can enjoy complete freedom of location. Since writing requires no strings remain attached, they can work from anywhere in the world as long as they have a reliable laptop and an internet connection. Of course, what a writer chooses to do with this freedom depends on their personal goals.

Some people, for instance, just want to cut the cord between them and the boss, allowing them to stay home with their families (without making income sacrifices) and choose their own hours. Certainly a dream worth fulfilling.

For me, a young (somewhat) bachelor – and perhaps you as well – freedom means something else entirely.

To me, freedom means stuffing my laptop into a backpack with a choice few items of clothing and heading off in search of adventure. It means spending my days scuba diving in the tropics or touring foreign coasts on motorbikes – learning new languages and eating bizarre foods on a daily basis.
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How To Be Comfortable When Traveling

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If you have to travel a long distance with a group of nine or more people, you should consider a bus charter service to save money and to give you a nice economical mode of transportation. Using a bus service for your group is a smart travel solution. You would be able to keep everyone together. You would all arrive at the destination, together. No one would get lost. Plus the savings over air fare and train fare proves that chartering a bus is the best plan. Buses, though, are known for not being comfortable. Below are suggestions to make your trip a bit better.

When you use a bus charter service you may can specify how often they will make pit stops. Even so it is wise to prepare for such a trip. You will make better time if you can allow the bus service to travel on instead of stopping often. Bring on board food, water, snacks, so you won’t be wanting to stop to eat as often. People get bored when traveling, bring something to do. A hand held game, a book, magazine, and MP3 player, even a portable DVD player. Newer Smart Phones are equipped with the ability to download and watch movies in their entirety.

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Luxury Conversion Vans and the Modern Traveling Salesman

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Traveling salesmen are nothing new. They have been around since the beginning of mankind. It probably started with a wanderer selling a sharpened piece of rock for some food. There have been all kinds of incarnations, from the spice traders who crossed great expanses of desert to sell their wares to the traveling snake oil salesmen of the 19th Century. Following in the footsteps of many great traveling salesmen is the modern version, the mobile sales center. An interesting concept that is an ideal fit to a non-stop society, the mobile store has been around literally for ages. Today’s wandering salesmen have taken the concept to another level by introducing luxury not seen before.

A luxury conversion van is the first step for the soon-to-be mobile sales center. The van is then fitted with some very comfortable seats set around a large screen television. The custom van conversion team will add in a refrigerator for refreshments, individual air conditioning and heating, headphones, a high-end sound system and just about anything else needed for a sales presentation.

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International Traveling and Your Health

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This is the time of year when many people travel, some internationally. If you plan to leave the country, you may want to consider the following when it comes to your health:

– You may not have health insurance coverage for illnesses or injuries that are treated abroad, even if you have US based medical coverage.

– Medicare does not provide coverage for hospital or medical costs incurred abroad.

– Senior organizations can assist with obtaining foreign medical coverage for Medicare supplement plans.

US consulate personnel will help you locate health care providers and facilities and even contact family members, if necessary.

– You can purchase travel insurance that covers health care needs and pays for medical evacuation if you need to be transported back to the US for treatment.

Obtaining medical treatment in another country can be expensive and a medical evacuation can cost over $50,000. Plus, any medical bill and claim resolution which may be needed to decipher charges may be difficult to do while abroad.

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Festive Season – A Time for Traveling By Air

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Festivities are the time to celebrate by travelling to different places. You can always go out but if you plan well your travels will always be pleasurable. Read on to know some tips of travelling the smart way.

Festivities are the way of life. They not only give us a chance to celebrate but also increase the harmony between us. There is no reason why festivals should not be celebrated and shunning them is not advisable at all. It is understood that everybody has some issues in their lives but living with a frown on your face does not help either. Festivals are also a great time to travel to meet your relatives or good friends. Or you can simply head to an unknown place and have fun there. If you have thought of spending your vacation somewhere far from the place you live, then this article will help you with it.

When it comes to travelling a travel plan is indispensable; you cannot do without it or else your vacations might suffer with bad experiences. So to start, devise a plan that you will help you make the necessary arrangements for your travel and will also help in increasing your over all information about the place you want to go. Your plan can be simple one page information on the places you want to visit on your vacation, where you would stay and what all you wish to do. These much collection of data will force you to research more on your destination and it will prove fruitful afterwards.

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Do You Need Travel Insurance When Traveling To Foreign Countries?

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Many people ask the question, “Do foreign countries require me to have travel insurance?” Countries will differ on what they will require as far as insurance go, but if you like to travel a lot or if you like to go to places that many people would not normally go, then having trip insurance is a good idea for you and your family.

When opting for travel insurance it is best to go with a company that has reliable underwriters. This means that your insurance policy will have a lot of coverage and if you go with a large company then you will be able to get a high level of support 24 hours per day. Accidents happen at the worst times of day, and so having a 24 hour support team for travel insurance can do wonders for your peace of mind.

The next key factor to look for when traveling in foreign countries and buying travel insurance is to make sure they cover every country that you’re going to travel to. There’s no reason on opting for an insurance policy that does not cover you in your destination. The next thing to consider are your activities. Are you planning on snowboarding, surfing, skiing or any other types of sports where you may get injured? If so, then it is very important that your insurance policy cover these types of activities while you are in another country.

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Different Means in Handling Incontinence While Traveling

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If you have recently been diagnosed with incontinence you may feel that you will never be able to leave home again. However, the reality is that with some planning and creative thinking you can find ways to manage your incontinence even while you are away from home. One of the first things that you need to do is to find the right incontinence products to meet your needs. You never want to be anywhere without the incontinence supplies that you regularly used. Therefore it is important to know what you need and have plenty on hand before you leave home.

Thereis wide variety of incontinence supplies so that everyone can find what works best for them. If you have light to moderate incontinence you may want to use incontinence pads or incontinence underwear while those with moderate to severe incontinence may feel that using an adult diaper works best for them. No matter what incontinence undergarments you choose to use most of them can be found online at sites that offer adult incontinence products.

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